Shanghai One Fine Dining


Shanghai One Fine Dining is a culinary experience unlike any other in Ottawa. Bringing authentic Asian cuisine in the Shanghai Tradition, taste food like you've never tasted before. Explore the fine seafood dishes, Dim Sum, and a variety of other dishes prepared fresh with the highest quality ingredients.

An experience that won't soon be forgotten.

Shanghai One


1. Authentic Shanghai Fine Dining.
We have created and crafted a menu with some of the most flavourful, and authentic Asian foods in the Shanghai Tradition. When you're here, you won't find the type of food you normally find in any other chinese restaurant.
2. Quality ingredients make quality meals.
We know food. All of our menu items are prepared with only the freshest and best products available. For some items we only serve when it is in high season as the freshness and quality will change the end product. Stop by today to experience the quality of Shanghai One Fine Dining.
3. Create the best atmosphere.
We have worked hard to create an atmosphere that blends and combines aesthetic and utility. With over 6,000sq ft of restaurant space we hope you'll appreciate everything we offer - including private functions.
4. More than just a Restaurant.
With so little of it's kind available, Shanghai One Fine Dining wanted to create a restaurant and dining experience that was unlike any other. The only way to truly experience Shanghai Fine Dining is first hand, so come by today.



Photos to come shortly!